Voice Lessons


About Voice Lessons with Mrs. Misty

The human voice is by nature a lovely instrument, and if it is treated right it will improve throughout a person's lifetime. In voice lessons we work on breathing, posture, relaxation, ear training, and music reading. 


Age 7-Adult

*Younger students should check out the Early Childhood Music portion of this site. 

Private Instruction



$15 for a 30 minute private lesson

$20 for a 45 minute private lesson 

Private Instruction is offered with limited availability. These  lessons are available for students that are wanting to prepare for something specific: auditions, pageants, scholarships, talent shows, special religious performances, etc. 

Group Lesson Benefits


  • Develops confidence in performing for others
  • Develops concentration by maintaining one’s own part while hearing others play or sing. 
  • Provides a friendly and encouraging atmosphere among peers
  • Establishes a sense of group spirit and group dynamics that increases motivation.
  • Allows students to learn from peers as well as from teacher.
  • Provides a setting where drills and exercises can be more interesting and motivating.
  • Increases attention span, allowing the lesson time to be longer than private lessons.


$25 Annual Registration Fee - This helps with the expense of printing and 2-3 recitals per year.


Elementary Voice Class 

Age Range: 2nd-5th Grade

This is a 45 minute class that meets weekly. Class instruction will focus on proper singing techniques for the young voice: singing in tune, breathing, building confidence, singing simple harmonies, ear training, and learning to read music. Most singing will be done in a small group however there will be opportunities for individual and solo singing as well. This class will do 2-3 songs at recitals. 

2019-2020 Beginning Voice Class – Wednesdays 3:15-4:00

Cost: $360 divided into 9 monthly payments of $40 per month

Required Materials In Class: The Full Voice Work Book, Singing Made Easy Book, 3 Ring Binder with Pencil Pouch ($40). 

Home Requirements: Students should have access to a CD player for practicing at home. 

Students Eligible for this Class: 2nd-5th Graders 


Availability & Enrollment

Mrs. Misty takes year-round enrollment for vocal students. Please email ralphsmisty@gmail.com