Let's Play Music 2nd Year Recital 2021

Yellow Arrows - 6:45 pm on Saturday, April 24th

White Shirts: Gracey Winder, Emri Jo Finn, Brig Palmer, Lynndi Hunt, Peyton Brower, Nelson Scovil 

Green Shirts: Kaylee McDonald, Francie Lupo, Avery Anderson, Ryker Shuldberg, Aurora Earley, Evelyn Hall, Cozette Oborn, Zane Driscoll 

Black Shirts: Samuel Hitz, Hendrix Hill, Stetson Booth, Maggie McMichael, James Wendt, Ireland Dye, Jade Isaacson  


Let’s Play Music-All students sing together and sign melodic cadence patterns.  These patterns are common ways that the melody resolves to conclude a song.

 I Am Robin Hood- We feel the dotted quarter eighth rhythm as we dance in class and then we learn to play it on the piano. 

All 2nd Year Students on the pianos and drums. 

Don’t Put Your Trash- This song allows us to show off our developing talent of singing in harmony.  

1st Verse: White Class

2nd Verse: Green Class 

3rd Verse: Yellow Class 

Tinga Layo- We learn block chords first and then stylize them with a fun calypso rhythm.  Pianos: White Class

Maracas: Green & Black Classes 

Caterpillar Song- We focus on piano playing technique with this song as we develop independent finger strength. 

Pianos: Green Class 

Three Blind Mice -  Singing in a round is one of the first ways we learn to sing in harmony. Can you hear the ostinato and red chords in the pianos?

Pianos: Black Class 

Pirate Ship Puppet Show-  Is actually called Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Johannes Brahms.   We use puppet shows to teach classical form, instrument identification, articulations, dynamics, and musical motifs. Can you hear the wood blocks mimicking the sound of horses clip-clopping along?  

Puppets: White Class

Gotta Shake: This is a fun way for us to learn about the quarter rest. Can you find it?

 Do, Re, Mi- This Let’s Play Music version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein tune teaches Solfege and reminds us the power of internalizing those notes to be able to sing most anything.  Listen as we sing two beautiful things at the same time - Harmony!