Group Piano Classes


About Piano Classes with Mrs. Misty

Mrs. Misty teaches beginning  through early intermediate levels in a small group setting. Each month we do a variety of activities in piano class designed to create a musically literate, well-rounded, musician. New concepts are introduced using motivating music supplemented by performance repertoire and ensemble pieces. These concepts are reinforced with written theory, ear training lab, sight reading, technique, rhythm drills, composition, and improvisation. Through piano lessons your child will learn concentration, self-esteem, and an appreciation of music. 


Age 7-Adult

*Younger students should check out the Early Childhood Music portion of this site. 

Group Lesson Benefits

  •  Develops confidence in performing for others
  •  Develops concentration by maintaining one’s own part while hearing others play or sing. 
  •  Provides a friendly and encouraging atmosphere among peers
  •  Establishes a sense of group spirit and group dynamics that increases motivation.
  • Allows students to learn from peers as well as from teacher.
  • Provides a setting where drills and exercises can be more interesting and motivating.
  • Increases attention span, allowing the lesson time to be longer than private lessons.

Piano Class Description & Pricing

$25 Annual Registration Fee - This helps with the expense of printing and 2-3 recitals per year.

All piano classes are one hour long. Students are placed in classes according to playing ability and level of understanding when it comes to theory. 


Piano 2 - $50 per month

Piano 3 - $55 per month

Piano 4 - $60 per month

Piano 5 - $65 per month

Piano 6 - $70 per month 


Let’s Play Music Bridge Class (Bridge #1)

Pre-Requisite: Let’s Play Music Graduate

Age Range: 1st-3rd Grade (Average Age 7 ½ )

This is a 75 minute class that meets weekly and is for students that have recently graduated from Let’s Play Music. 45 Minutes of class will be spent with group instruction: technique, theory, ear training, and repertoire. 30 Minutes of class will be spent rotating in stations using the computer and IPAD for sight reading and ear training, doing theory games and written assignments, and receiving private instruction from Mrs. Misty. Students in this class will have the opportunity to play one ensemble piece and one solo at recitals. 

Cost: $675 divided into 9 monthly payments of $75 per month

Materials: $75 (ordered on the LPM website) 

Registration Fee: $25 

Home Requirements: Students must be practicing on an instrument at home with weighted keys and working pedals five days a week. They will also need access to a metronome. Students will need a 3 Ring Binder and Pencil Pouch for class. 

Private Instruction


$15 for a 30 minute private lesson

$20 for a 45 minute private lesson 

Private Instruction is offered on an "as needed" basis. Please check with Mrs. Misty for availability. These lessons will be for students that are in a group class that have fallen behind the pace of their class and need to catch up due to lack of at home practice or poor attendance. These “as needed” private lessons will also be for students that are wanting to prepare for something extra: auditions, pageants, scholarships, talent shows, special religious performances, etc. I will offer private lessons by appointment only.  Private lessons are also available to students that can take lessons, during the school day (weekdays before 2:00)  including  Adult Students, and Home School Students. 

Availibility & Enrollment

Mrs. Misty has a waiting list for piano lessons. To get on her waiting list, please email New students generally begin in June as Mrs. Misty's teaching year runs June 1st-May 31st.